Catalogue of paintings, drawings, collages and photographs, created by the artists of the Pishvanova family, has evolved to become an impressive body of work. Covering various themes, it tells a story of uncommon creative paths the artists went that allowed them to discover many ways of self-expression. They have been pushing boundaries and building a truly unique vision, apart from the spotlight and fashions.

Pishvanova Artists GmbH was founded in 2021 and is committed to promoting the artists as well as managing and preserving their works. The company celebrates the artistry, richness and diversity these works represent. The majority of them has never been shown before, making the company’s mission culturally and socially significant. For the first time, the story of Pishvanova artists is shared with wide audience, with the aim to inspire, educate and engage.


  • Develop partnerships to promote the artists and their works

  • Communicate the artists' vision and trace it's development

  • Spark conversations about diversity in contemporary art

  • Embrace the significance of works in terms of art history